Contract Terms

Please familiarize yourself with this partybus hire company standard contract terms and conditions:


  1. A deposit is required seven days after the issue of the provisional bus hire confirmation.
  2. A deposit of $100.00 for bus hire and charters under $1000.00 is required.
  3. A deposit of twenty percent is required for bus hire and charters $1000.00 and greater.
  4. Final payment for a bus hire or charter service is due and payable fourteen days before the departure date for the booked hire service.
  5. Bus hire and charters booked less than two weeks before the booking date must be paid in full with a money order, bank cheque, cash or bank transfer at the time of booking.
  6. When making payment to Perth Party Bus, please supply the date of your booking and your bus hire Booking Number to ensure proper credit.

Our Prices are Subject to Change

All prices quoted in the bus hire confirmation are subject to change under the circumstances described herein, but shall not be increased by more than fifteen percent.

If the price of diesel fuel increases by more than twenty percent between the date of the bus hire confirmation and the date of the booking, Perth Bus may increase the price quoted by the estimated increase in the cost of the fuel.


A bus hire booking confirmation confirms your order. The bus hire Chartering Party must notify Perth Bus Party of cancellation.

There will be no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made more than fourteen days prior to the booking date for one-day trips.

Cancellations made less than fourteen days prior to the charter date for one-day trips will be subject to a cancellation fee of $100 per bus or coach per day.

Cancellations to bus hire made less than thirty days prior to the Charter Date for extended trips will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee per bus or coach.

Cancellations made less than fifteen days prior to the Charter Date for extended trips will be subject to a cancellation fee of twenty percent of the total charter fee.


Every effort will be made to operate according to published schedules. Circumstances sometimes occur beyond our control, such as weather or traffic delays and accordingly bus and coach companies cannot hold itself responsible for errors in timetables, inconveniences or damage resulting from delayed vehicles.

Extended Day Trips

A detailed itinerary is required for extended trips at least two weeks prior to departure. Itineraries are subject to review by Perth Party Bus. Prices are subject to change based on the final itinerary. For these extended day trips, the customer is responsible for reserving accommodation for the driver.

Driver Hours

Safety regulations prohibit drivers to be on duty more than fifteen hours per day, ten of which are for driving. The driver must be given eight consecutive hours off before he/she may resume his/her duties.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited on Perth Party Bus vehicles:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages.
  2. Smoking.
  3. Illicit drugs.
  4. Bottles and glass containers.
  5. Shoes with spikes.
  6. Decorations.
  7. Fuel containers including gas containers.
  8. Chewing gum.
  9. Felt pens.
  10. Knives, guns and weapons and any item, such as baseball bats, considered inappropriate by the driver.
  11. Pets and animals except guide dogs accompanying disabled persons.

Damages to Perth Party Bus Vehicles

The cost of repairing vehicle damage resulting from the actions and conduct of passengers shall be invoiced to the Chartering Party and is payable as soon as such cost is determined.

Damages to other Vehicles, Persons, and Items

The cost of repairing damage resulting from the actions and conduct of passengers shall be the responsibility of the Chartering Party. Such incidents would include throwing items such as bottles and other projectiles at cars or people from bus windows or hatches.

Arrival Time

The time of arrival at the starting point, destination, or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed. Operators are carefully selected and have instructions to drive at all times at a speed within the limits prescribed by law and in a safe manner. Unusual traffic and road and weather conditions are beyond the bush hire company’s control.


Equipment supplied by Perth Party Bus is thoroughly inspected regularly to ensure uninterrupted service. If for some reason beyond the control of Perth Party Bus, a mechanical failure makes necessary the replacement of a vehicle originally assigned to the charter service, the replacement vehicle may be of a different type.

CD’s and DVD’s

Only non-copyrighted CD’s, DVD’s, downloaded music and digital music are permitted. The following is important information from a Summary Statement prepared by the Film Security Office of the Motion Picture Association of America Inc. provided for your information: by law, the pre-recorded video-cassettes available in stores throughout the United States are for home use only. The U.S. Copy-Right Act grants to the copyright owner the exclusive right among others, to perform the copyrighted work publicly. Even performances in semipublic places such as clubs, lodges, factories, summer camps, and schools are public performances subject to copyright control. Companies, organizations, and individuals who wish to publicly exhibit copyrighted motion pictures and audiovisual works must secure a license to do so.

Perth Party Bus disclaims any and all liability for the Showing of Copyrighted CDs and DVDs and digital music. This requirement applies equally to non-profit and profit organizations. Purchases of prerecorded video-cassettes and videodiscs and compact disks do not change their obligations. Public performance of recordings made from televised motion pictures is a multiple copyright infringement.

Objectionable Persons

Perth Party Bus reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person who appears to be under the influence of intoxicating drinks or drugs or who is unable to take care of themselves. Perth Party Bus reserves the right to refuse transportation or to any person whose conduct might be considered objectionable to other passengers.


Perth Party Bus assumes no responsibility for any personal property. Baggage and all other personal property will be handled only at the passenger’s risk.

Unusual Cleaning

When the bus hire and charter trip is such that a greater than normal amount of time and material will be necessary to clean the vehicle properly, the bus hire business, at its option, may require an additional cost to cover such additional time and materials.

Firearms, Explosives, and Fireworks

Possession or carriage of firearms, explosives, and fireworks are strictly forbidden on the party hire vehicles.

Flammable Materials

Possession or carriage of flammable materials is strictly forbidden on our party hire vehicles.

Limitation of Liability

Neither party shall be liable in any event, or for any reason, including breach of this agreement, to the other party or any third party for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive, consequential or exemplary loss of profit or damages arising out of this agreement.

Entire Agreement

The Charter Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other agreements including oral and written.

No Assignment

The customer may not assign this agreement or any of their respective rights, interests, or obligations without the prior written consent of the other party. Perth Party Bus may assign this Agreement and any of its rights, interests, duties or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the chartering party.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure or delay in performing obligations set forth in the charter agreement, and neither party shall be deemed in breach of its obligations, if such failure or delay is due to natural disasters, lockout, strike, or other transportation or industrial disturbances, law, regulation, or any causes reasonably beyond the control of such party.

Disabled Accessible

Any person or group which requires a  disabled accessible vehicle is requested to inform us at the time of booking or the hire vehicle and must notify us in writing no later than forty-eight hours before departure.